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Customer records are an important part of our compliance with local and federal regulations. These policies apply uniformly to documents retained in either paper or electronic format.

Why do we keep customer records/data?

We keep records in order to ensure completed payment, customer satisfaction, warranty status and compliance with local/federal regulations.

How long do you keep sales records/data?

  • Cash Sales: No customer data is collected unless requested
  • Credit/Debit Sales: As long as the customer account is open or 36 months - whichever is longer

Do you sell, share or otherwise distribute customer records/data?

We will never sell or distribute your records/data. The only instance we may need to share parts of your records/data such as name and contact information is in the event of a dropship or delivery as needed

Can I request my data be deleted?

Yes, you can request your data be deleted at any time. However some instances will require specific timeframes to be met and others are ineligible for deletion such as Firearms purchases

Any requests for records/data deletion must be submitted in writing and sent via mail to:

Brass Mile Arms
2870 NE Hogan Dr
Gresham OR, 97030

If you have any questions regarding this policy please contact us at any time